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Jackie Robinson

February 13, 2010

He walks to the plate

Not an ounce of nerve or caution

The bat resting on his shoulder

As delicately as anyone else

He is different, and yet the same

But he is different.

The first pitch is low, outside

His eye is poised, watchful, ready

The second comes in

He flings outward, momentum shifting

and runs. Oh, does he run.

Others advance to the base, he runs.

He is indeed different.

He creeps off the bag, steadily

Taunting the pitcher with each move

He dances down the line and back again

The pitcher throws, and off he goes

Without sliding, he beats the throw

His face is stern, not yet satisfied

His duty is not yet finished

He continues to dance off the bag

His style is true, charismatic

The pitcher, still visibly bothered

Tosses wildly home, his concentration broken

The runner trots to third, his face still stern

He was not yet content

One base still lay untouched

He was different, but only by 90 feet

With each pitch he thrusts himself

Down the baseline he moves

Working his way back to third again.

After several throws, the catcher

Jumping to his feet after each

Decides to stay still this time.

And with a kick of the leg

The runner dashes homeward

The catcher, unprepared, is too late

The runner slides, the run scores.

His face reveals a grin,

For his task is complete.

He is no longer different than the rest

The run he scores wins the game,

And thus the only thing which now separates

Him from the rest: skill, and nothing but.